"The Last of the Mohicans"
10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan.
America's "Most Deployed Divison" served in Task Force Eagle - 1998-2000; and now the 10th has been transferred to Afganistan. The division first received notice that it would be serving as senior headquarters of Task Force Eagle, providing a peacekeeping force to support the ongoing operation within the Multi-National Division-North area of responsibility in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Preparations began immediately for Stabilization Force 6. While division staff began planning, soldiers began training. The division split into two operations: Task Force Drum-for those remaining in the North Country-and Task Force Eagle, set to deploy to Bosnia. Selected division units began deploying in late summer, to link up with their commander, Maj. Gen. James L. Campbell, who had preceded his soldiers to Bosnia. Approximately 3,000 division soldiers deployed. Meanwhile at Fort Drum, every effort was made to ensure the safety and care of soldiers and families remaining at home.

After successfully performing their mission in Bosnia, the division units conducted a Transfer of Authority, relinquishing their assignments to soldiers of the 49th Armored Division, Texas National Guard. By early summer 2000, all 10th Mountain Division soldiers had returned safely to Fort Drum.

After adding humanitarian, training and operational deployments together, the 10th Mountain Division (LI) had earned the distinction of being the most deployed Army division during the 1990s, a period which had seen the greatest number of missions for United States military forces-reserve and active-since the end of World War II.

Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan - Dec 2001

Soldiers from the division secured key forward operating bases in both nations, screened over 3,500 detainees at Sherberghan Prison in Northern Afghanistan, and engaged in combat during operations Anaconda and Mountain Lion. During Operation Anaconda, Coalition Joint Task Force Mountain, commanded by Maj. Gen. F. L. Hagenbeck, killed several hundred Al-Qaeda terrorists and destroyed an important enemy base of operations in the Shah-I-Khat Valley 100 miles southeast of Kabul. Subsequent operations destroyed 4.5 million pounds of ammunition and killed or captured several hundred more terrorists.

Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan - May 2003

Elements from across the 10th Mountain Division (LI) were scheduled to return duties to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in May 2003. The rotation of soldiers has began in June and was to continue throughout the summer months.

Elements of division headquarters replaced selected staff members and assume command-and-control duties with coalition forces of Coalition Joint Task Force 180.

The 1st Brigade Combat Team is to join other coalition forces conducting combat operations to eliminate remaining terrorists elements in the region. The soldiers will also provide security and assist with humanitarian relief effort to the people of Afghanistan. The 2nd BCT will provide forces to train the Afghan National Army. Other units from the division will provide administrative and logistical support to deployed forces.

Another 500 soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division have been deployed to Iraq. The 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment makes up the greatest part of this collection of units to be known as Task Force 3-17, according to an Army memorandum.

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