I Dreamt I had Wings

     My heart always feels sad when I think of my mom and my dad being divorced. It's sad that two people that you love cannot love each other anymore. I cry when I look at my little brother and I wonder if we did not pray hard enough for our family to be together.

     One night though I woke up and I felt myself fly, I saw myself with wings. I went to visit my mom; I saw her pray and heard her pray for all of us her kids. She asked that we be safe and happy. In her heart I saw she loved us truly. Then I saw my brother who was away from us, he was sleeping soundly. In his heart I knew he too loved me, mom, dad and our youngest brother.

     The next morning, I woke up and it was true what my mom says. Family is in the heart. It does not mean that we are not a family because we are apart. My mom said that though she and dad can no longer be together does not mean she does not love us, he says the same thing too. It's sad that they cannot be together but I know they love us because we are a part of them two. It's good I dreamt I had wings.

© Darah Palmares Palencia, age 10, McKiben, Whittier, California

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