Painting by Mike Mahon - used with permission

All Alone On The Range

Once again this old cowboy finds himself all alone, and on my own again as I sit astride this old bronc called life. Sometimes it seems there is just no one to care, that quiet presence with which I shared. No other breath do I hear beside me at night, one for me to hold, to dream of, and to love!

I ride this old triple rigged saddle and chase them mavericks in my mind, with just my mare and that damn dog here to care. But too many tears have washed out these failing eyes, the loneliness once again echo' inside my soul. Boy that last ride was a hoot, but now it is just all memories and the chill lingers on.

The spring rains will bring back the green to these Texas Plains, but the flow of the cloudburst from my eyes can't erase the pain from my loneliness as my world slowly falls apart. With the grit from the riding in my mouth I barely speak, but I try to stay busy with the ranch, in fear idleness only allows me to think.

And she doesn't know that I love her still. So what you got to say dog? Has this old cowboy gone crazy? And hoss, do you ever wonder why?

~ by Dave Griffith ~

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Copyrighted 2010 © David Griffith

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