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Your Texan is Showing, Mr. President

He was just hangin' out in Crawford,
when he caught a smell on the wind,
There was a party goin' on,
One he wanted to attend.
So he looked at that driver,
and with a smile on his face,
He said get me to the airport,
with no reporters in chase.
So he hopped in the back seat,
under cloak and dark veil,
Not long after that he
and Force One set sail.
He soon would make history,
like all good Texans do,
He'd set foot on foreign soil,
leaving the enemy without a clue.
He spoke to the troops, as
their Commander and Chief,
Gave a boost to their morale,
conveying sorrow for their grief.
He sliced that pardoned gobbler,
served yams and cobbed corn,
To the fighting men and women,
all U.S. born.
He shook their brave hands,
and patted their proud backs,
Told them he was aware,
of the terrorist attacks.
He was back in Texas before
too many knew,
That he had shared Thanksgiving,
with those that protect YOU!
If the enemy thinks they know,
what his next move will be,
With a Texan at the helm,
it's just plain 'ol wait 'n' see.

© 11/28/2003 by: Lisa Hilbers

Photographs Associated Press



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