A Day On The Beach

                 As we lay here together on the blanket we can hear the hiss of the ocean waves, gulls soar upwards. You and I embrace, as our souls are interwoven again, peace envelopes us.

          Love is so very beautiful, but it must be fed like a living thing and not abandoned. You must softly combine the physical with passions of your soul. Like unspoken words, we lay here watching the setting of the sun, time just slips away in the total pleasure of the moment.

          Cotton ball clouds floated by from the sea all day. Now we snuggle closer as a cool breeze heralding the coming night slides over us. Fresh life has been born in our hearts from the day amid tide and sand. Life has been full of sun, appreciated more so by the passing of time.

          The powerful waves continue to beat out an endless rhythm upon timeless shores. Love is as gentle as a rose, and will conquer anything. We must always remember love gave the gift of meaning to our life, now we remember to never forget. Love's sweet tentacles are holding us in their grasp, we must never let go.

~ Dave ~

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