Photograph "Willow City Loop" © 2001 Tom Lakey

I'll Always Be Here For You

     When you reach that point where you feel all hope is gone; and life seems just too harsh to continue on; I'll alway be here in Texas waiting for you! You are the love of my life, my soul. You are the gentle heart which continues to beat strongly within my chest.

     When your world seems too cold and lonely and you need someone to love you, without condition or remorse, I'll be here in Texas waiting for you! Forever remember, when you hurt I will cry with you; when your heart breaks, I will be here to help try to put the pieces together again.

     When time seems to stand still and you've begun to feel the knot in life's rope slipping loose I am waiting here for you! My heart continues to care, my soul is always open to share life with you once again...

     When the rains begin to fall in your life and you can't escape from your pain I'll be here in Texas just waiting for you! My love will never change. I will always trust and believe in you!

     When you've had enough of the pain and loneliness that far away city brings, I'll always be here patiently waiting with all my love, I am here for you! I know it is a part of life that we are now apart, and I too sometimes feel that I am at my life's end. But my heart will always be here, waiting, loving, needing you....

~ © 2001 Dave Griffith ~

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