The Blinds

I look outside; I can see just a finger-nail sliver of a red moon, the flowers in full bloom, and the empty porch. Fools say hope springs eternal, but look as I might, I just can’t see you coming back into my arms again. Since the day you left I have worn a path in the carpet, from my chair to the window; looking, praying, waiting for your return...

Night after empty night, the radio plays; but the music is all jumbled in my ears. How can I hear the love once in the music, when I’m still listening for your car? Food on the table, a roof over my head; flowers in the garden, the dogs by my feet; God must look down and wonder why with all of my blessings this darned old cowboy always has tears in his eyes…

But my beautiful lady, when you packed your suitcase that last time; with your mind finally made up to leave, you must have made a mistake and packed up my joy and took it away. Now life is just going through the rotes; my radio must be busted because now all it plays are sad country songs. Everywhere I look, just memories, "she once sat there"…"remember her smile?"...even the fragrance of the flowers remind me of your smell…

~ © 2003-2010 David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

Mail To The Cowboy

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