Merry-Go-Round Pony

     With tears of frustration welling up in his eyes the old cowboy just stood trembling like a hard broke horse. With each passing year life had become increasingly more difficult. The old years had taken their heavy toll. His body was now harvesting the wild oats he had so willingly sown in his past.

      But the pain in his hands and hips were minor compared to the pain in his heart, and head. Years had seen the loss of so much. Brothers, sisters now gone; mom and dad, both buried over in Abilene so many years ago. Nothing seemed to matter while he still had all the vigor of a younger man, but now time had come calling at the door to collect it’s due.

      Everything he had ever loved seemed to fade away, death stole some, distance the others. Each day now began, and seemed to never end, in the pain of age. It seemed as if he had assumed the role of a carousel pony; his life going around and around with the music, but never arriving home. So being helpless to control the whirl of life around him, he had simply retreated into a world of music and flashing memories…

© 2005-2010 by David L. Griffith
For My Special Lady



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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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