A Prayer to Mother Earth and the Great Spirit for Healing

O, Talking Great Spirit.
In the house made of dawn.
In the story made of dawn.
On the trail of dawn.

O, Talking Great Spirit.

Your feet, my feet, restore.
Your limbs, my limbs, restore.
Your body, my body, restore.
Your mind, my mind, restore.
Your voice, my voice, restore.
Your plumes, my plumes, restore.

O, Warm and beautiful Mother Earth
With beauty before You, with beauty before me.
With beauty behind You, with beauty behind me.
With beauty above You, with beauty above me.
With beauty below You, with beauty below me.
With beauty around You, with beauty around me.

With pollen beautiful in Your voices.
It is finished in beauty.
It is finished in beauty.
In the house of evening light.
From the story made of evening light.
On the trail of evening light.

A Choctaw's Prayer

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