Call of the City


He awoke in the early hours of the morning; the clamoring sounds of the city had stopped the poor old cowboy from getting any sleep that last night.  Tossing and turning all night in the closed in air of her closed in flat on 42nd Street in her closed in world, his dreams constantly trying to take him back to Texas and now this sound of horns and traffic, just what kind of life is this?


This eastern world was too busy for a man used to open spaces; to much excitement for a down at the heels cowboy.  But here was where her heart was, and he had to give it a try.  Before now he was never known as a quitter, but there is always a first time.  He had begun to miss the blue-bonnets and open ranges of home from the very moment he stepped down from the train.


Guilt had held him here far too long, but she was never going to leave here, the knowledge of that slowly came over time.  This was her turf, just like Texas was his; it finally soaked in, two such different types of critters can’t graze the same range.  So he had packed in the night, this morning he was leaving, it was to be good-bye for the last time.


But cowboy knew it wouldn’t faze her; there was just too much ‘action’ here to miss an old cowboy once he was gone.  But now his heart just might sing a different tune, lots of time had been invested in this; but the Texas Limited would soon carry him away.  A few months in the saddle, nights out under the stars, and the call of the city would slowly fade away…


© 2003/2010 ~ David L. Griffith
For My Special Lady

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