Painting "Morning Coffee" © 2004 by Martyca

Morning Coffee

Morning found the old cowboy sitting, just a cogitating over a scalding hot cup of Arbuckle coffee, and a wondering just what was that storm that seemed to have passed thru last night. Seems that, what ever it was, it sure managed to turn his small closed world upside-down and inside-out. Does love often do that to the unsuspecting man?

That scrawny little filly came waltzing into his world and set him back on his heels. Who would have thought any woman could have put her rope so neatly around his head, and jerking out her pegging string, tie up his heart so neatly. And so this morning the old cowboy had much to mull over with that hot coffee.

For years he had went where the wild geese go, following the course of least resistance like a tumbleweed in life. No roots, no anchor, no responsibilities, other than to that mare and the old dog, now the storm had struck. How was he to know that pain came with love?

The pain of wanting, the pain of loneliness, the pain that comes from knowing that while nothing will ever quite be the same, not all things would be attainable in the future. Now sitting here with his coffee, and all the jumbled thoughts running non-stop through his mind, he struggled to sort out just what he could really expect the future to bring.

Maybe it is asking too much of fate for a man to know his future, maybe that will just have to be a story for another day, now the hot coffee, and the knowledge of love now found, would have to suffice for the day.

© 2004-2010 David L. Griffith

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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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