Photograph "Cold Texas Winter" © 2000 Dave Cooper

Facing Another Cold Winter

     As I lean back against the porch rail in this hot summer sun, the pain of your leaving is so harsh when my mind draws visions of another cold winter without you here in my arms. Just those thoughts cause me to tremble deep within. I'm feeling so all alone since the day I watched you leave.

      My head knows I could never doubt you, but my soul says I need you to come back home; now after these many months my soul has begun to override my head. Without you sitting here by my side I am as bleak and empty as the Panhandle of Texas after a cold blue-norther.

     My thoughts search my lonely aching heart; wondering just how I will make it through the next winter with you gone. How long will I be able to hold on to my hope and dreams? My world has lost it's meaning and the thoughts of trying to go on without you tears apart my gentle heart. Should I dare go on believing that you could still really care?

     Another winter without you, just watching the snow fall from the sky and match the bleakness of my lonely bed. But my soul tells me I have to go on with the fantasy and your beauty is the reason why! When these moments of heart ache overcome me my soul cries out in anguish; "I love only you..."

~ Copyrighted © 2001 David Griffith ~

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