Blue Norther

Cold Nights

          Winter has come again and I look out of an unending sea of cold nights; alone, tormented, aching with the missing of you. The snows have come down from the north, but the cold of snow is nothing compared to the cold within my soul since you left so many months ago…

           Now there is dual survival to contend with; the survival of the ranch and the survival of my battered emotions. Feelings whip thru me like the driven winds in the pasture. The cattle all drift before the north winds, but I must stand and face the emotional winds you leaving have wrought.

           Even the dogs fail to give me solace, for they too miss you oh so much. Why? A question that finds no answer; can there be an answer when only one stops loving? I can but pray that where ever you are you have found peace; that you are loved and love in return. For this old worn cowboy has come to know that love is the only real value to life.

           The good book tells me that where God provides the will, then He also provides a way; that is my only hope, my trust, my fidelity...

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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