Confessions of a Dreamer

     As I sit here on this old creek-bank, clocks continue to tick, and the pages of the calendar continue to turn until mans appointed days are completed. At some point, man is offered the choice of living in the dreams of a dreamer or within the cold memories of reality.

     Dreams are far superior to memories! With memories you often have pain, sadness, lost loves, missed opportunities; but with dreams there is always a beautiful tomorrow. In your dreams the hero always comes to the rescue, gets the beautiful lady and wins the lottery.

     So dreams are for dreamer, and memories are for the blessed. I must confess, I am a dreamer and gladly so. For here in my dreams I am the hero, I always win and I am safely placed away from all the pain. Is that so wrong? For I can but ask, who willingly offers themselves up for loss, who willingly risks when there is no chance of gain.

     Within a man’s lifetime he must shed a few tears, lose a few battles, suffer a broken heart; but time can only increase the pain and offer more opportunity for suffering if he relies only on memories. So in self defense he is forced to become a dreamer to survive.

     So I will remain here in my fantasy world while you return to your reality; I will be blessed in my ignorance and you in your reality. Only a great and gracious God can know the end of each…

~ © 2002 David L Griffith ~

For My Special Lady

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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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