A Bittersweet Spring
I wish you could have been here by my side today sweet love. I walked where we once walked; I saw what we once saw, and the visions were a magnificent gift of God. But I cried bittersweet tears among my memories today.
The daffodils have survived the hard winter and have pushed up thru the forest crust. They are just now opening their beautiful faces to the warm spring sunshine.
The tulip tree knows this season well and is slowly awakening; putting out such flagrant a display of overly gorgeous blossoms.  Soon these blossoms will lay inches deep around the base of the trees and the leaves will start to come on; then it will truly be full spring.
But in my walk in the woods my mind could not help but realize I was alone, you were not here by my side.  There was no one to cry out to with joy as I pointed out the beautiful early spring blossoms.  Bittersweet tears slowly flowed down my cheeks as the loneliness of the Botanical Gardens without you seeped into my lonely soul, so I will gently tuck away my memories of you safely in my heart, praying that someday you will return...

© 2005-2010 David L. Griffith

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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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