Loneliness causes me to live in my fantasy world; a world of wishes, sighs, and of hopes. As the darkness of my life floods over me in ever deepening shades of black, my mind floats freely away into this mailstrum of "what if"trying to discover what went wrong, why did my dream world fail. Tears attempt in vain to wash away the pain from my haunted brow.

     I lay upon my restless bed, haunted by visions of what could have been and sleep never closes my brooding eyes throughout the empty night. As each hope, each desire, each memory, fades my heart cries out; "Please give me just one more moment to dream." Night! Once the lover that wrapped us in it's soft warm arms, has now become my enemy.

     Some foolish people say there is still magic and a good reason to go on. But life puts that foolish wish to the the lie. Was it magic that broke my heart, magic that cause you to be so many miles away? Where is the magic when birds fail to sing? Where is this magic in the wet trickles down my cheeks? Is it the wizard's magic, or the sorcerer's curse?

     My castle in the sky has now become the fortress encompassing my pain; the ramparts to block away the hurt. Now my labor is in the building of walls thick enough to withstand the pain, strong enough to hold out the loneliness, cold enough to match my broken heart. For I live in a world so dark that rainbows can never be seen.

~ David L. Griffith ~

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