A Lonely Fall Dawn

As dawn's early glow begins to fade into the brightness of another empty day, once again I find myself caught-up in the emptiness coming over me like a dark blanket of loneliness... times like these make me even more aware of what my life has become.

Love is slipping away from me once more, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Now, more and more, I sit here on the porch and watch it fade like this fall dawn now is fading into another cold morning sky... removing it's last traces of her ever being here in the first place.

Did this love I so believed in really exist? Perhaps it was just one more fantasy I had made up in my lonely soul, and now harsh reality comes screaming back in... gripping lonely pain, reminding me of what never will be, and what maybe never really was.

Fading desires, drifting away, like the warmth of Indian Summer that vanishes into the cold blizzards of winter, and only for a brief moment held off the chilling snows of my advancing years... bringing only a fleeting touch of color to my life.

I pour another cup of coffee and retreat once again into the memories that allows me to dream... since now daydreams are all I have to hold on to.

~ David L. Griffith ~

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Copyrighted © David Griffith

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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