Ghost on the Porch

Day One of Forever

     This morning brings such peace, I sit here on this old porch and for the first time in over a year my soul is at rest, knowing you were here under my roof, if only in a dream. For that all too brief moment, my mind saw you just a few short steps away from me and the visions of your beauty no longer a distant memory. Life had come full circle once again and returned to that magic moment in time; the cycle of love complete, you were back in my arms as well as in my heart.

     Fear is no longer part of my day as I putter with my flowers, the anxiety of waiting to catch a glimpse of you on-line or to see your number come up on my caller id is gone. Those things are now part of the past, for I have but to go into another room, lie back upon my bed with closed eyes, and touch you or gaze upon your deep beauty. It makes my life seem so right, as if God were back from vacation and in-charge of the asylum we call this whacky world.

     With the morning fragrance of my flowers, the smell of you is refreshed in my nostrils, the touch of you once again familiar to my hands. If you were a lesser woman I would fear the knowledge I give you of my total love, for you to know the devotion and control you have over me. But you are a part of me, even though you are no longer here; my emotions keep you alive, written in the words of so many of my poems… I once thought my heart was safe in your hands.

     My world is so alive this morning, such living vibrancies from the music, here-to-fore only listened to alone, but now with you close at hand, even though only in my mind. It is such joy to be able to share with you the music that has kept your memory so strong in my soul during the past years. I praise God that He kept the flowers safe from a hard Texas summer until they could be seen by the eyes they were grown for. The music, patio and my dogs have all been a witness to my tears and pain without you here, safe in my arms. Now they witness the joy of my peace with the memories of your love at hand once more.

     I only pray this missive pass from my lips to God’s ears, and He grants me the wish of my life that these days never end. For my prayers are simple, neither money nor fame do I want. My prayers are only for someone I can love and be loved in return. My simple prayers are always pressing on heaven’s gates; to have someone here in my world or me in theirs. I pray for tomorrow to be day one of forever; for my life is but an empty container of lonely days without love beside me.

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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