The Death Of All My Dreams

     The death of all my dreams has left me so cold deep within my soul. If I'd really trusted my own heart, and you had just believed in me, it could have come true. I wanted it so badly, just the thoughts would take your breath away. But the fantasy died, and my heart simply came apart, for love has no meaning with no "you"...

     I am told that I have to believe in my dreams. For dreams are what is meant to be. Just continue to believe and sooner or later it will all fall into place for you. All that I believed in must have been pain. How can I focus on that which I feel in my heart, while I live in this lonely impossible situation...

     I need to hope, to pray and to try, but how do I continue when all my hope has been washed away by my tears. The denials came first, that you could leave me, that love such as ours could die. How could I have once been so happy, when now I just cry? They say that life gives all of us choices, but I can but wonder where are mine. For had I chosen; we would have never stopped dreaming, stopped believing, and stopped trying.

     For now with the death of my dreams I simply stopped living. The anger that followed was so hard for me to understand. Now love is that missing emotion that I no longer have. Sadness engulfs me... I can no longer feel the passions for life I once felt, and no longer want to live my life... If it is without "you"...

~ © 2001 David L. Griffith ~

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