Painting by Mike Mahon

Somewhere Between Pain & Despair

Tears have placed my soul somewhere between pain and despair! It seems as if I have drifted along for years in quiet desperation, daring to still hope, dreaming of all the possibilities that lay dead behind me, dreams of the life I wanted for us.

Where is the promised new dawn.... All I see on that far horizon, is the finality of what once was. Will today contain my last sunset? Will the missing you ever stop? Will I ever see you coming up that dirt road? My life is now just one long row of questions, pain and tears.

Somewhere between pain and despair lays the shattered remnants of our love. Will I ever get the chance to love again? Do I really want to? When did you stop believing in me? When did I stop believing in myself, was it somewhere between the pain and the despair?

Will that gracious God above ever grant me the peace I seek? Will it only be on that far distant shore that I finally find the end to this pain and despair?......

~ by Dave Griffith ~

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Copyrighted © David Griffith

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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