Things Are Never Different

     My darling as small as it is, "if" is the harshest word in a lovers heart. It contains so much pain... "if" things could have been different... "if" we could be together our hearts forever joined... For without this word "if" we'd never have such feelings of loneliness and we'd never be apart.

     Now we find ourselves in the sunset of my years, we sigh and stutter: "If" we had only met each other when both of us were young... The plans we would make, the passionate dreams of our lonely nights, all the wonderful things that might have been... but the harshness of "if" blacks out all of that in our spirit.

     We sit alone in our worlds and shake our heads sadly and lament "we were not so lucky"... and "it was just not our fate"and now in the fall of my life it seems to be suddenly too late... I know that we should share all the time we have left together. but "if" intervenes and our "forever" is the pain of our loneliness in each night, which never ends. Now, as I face the end of my youth and in bitter soberness state, "If".... Really knowing that things never change...

© 2001-2010 Dave Griffith

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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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