Life's Diverging Paths

Life is like a journey on roads never straight. There comes times when the roads diverge and we face a crossroads. Wish as we might we must make a choice of which road to travel.

Some face the crossroads with fear, some with a happy smile... Some toss a coin, others say a prayer... Method or madness, it makes no great difference when pathways of our lives diverge.

And when two are on the path they may travel hand in hand... But at the crossroads they must make a stand. Will it be together, must we now depart? One way lays happiness... the other a broken heart. Fate is a cruel master... On this we do agree... but the road thru life was always a mystery.

So as the pathway diverges, and we wipe aways the tears, life continues... And memories are never left behind. The road thru life can be defeating... or it can bring victory. But with the gentle love of God it will be what it will be.

~ Copyrighted © 2001 David Griffith ~


Copyrighted © 2001/2004/2010 PalletMaster's Workshop ®

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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