"Spiced Adobe" painting by Mike Mahon

Down Over the Divide

     As he rode down from the high country, over the divide and into Taos, the cowboys mind drifted back to his youth. To the long summer days of life; with all the joy only the innocence of youth can display. The days before even the thoughts of lost loves, death and sadness intruded on the far distant horizons. The only limit on the thoughts of youth is, ‘how much fun can be packed into a day before mom makes me go to bed?’

     Taos brought back memories of the old adobe house, mothers flower beds… All the ‘old fashioned’ flowers like hollyhocks and cannas. Brazen splashes of color in a hot bleak landscape… Zinnias, daisies, iris…Even the vegetable garden was not left out, for mom used a border of bright marigolds to keep the insects out of the garden.

     Thinking back, the old cowboy realized the splash of color everywhere served a purpose for his mom. She used her flowers to break up the abject poverty of raising ten children starting shortly after the turn of the century. Her poverty was one of money, marbles and chalk; not one of loneliness and despair.

For she lived in a world of strong family ties, surrounded by more than enough love to go round, so she used her flowers as a poet uses words or a painter uses paints, to express her joy with life and the pleasures of living it!

~ © 2003 David L. Griffith ~

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