Photograph "Palo Dura Canyon" © 1999 Dave Cooper

My Riding Buddy

     Some folks will tell you, ‘life is like a mirror, you get out of it just what you put in to it.’ But thru the years if this old cowboy has ever learned any thing it is that life is like a long and winding trail ride, it has its ups and down, twist and turns; and you sometimes wind up where you had no plans on going. More often than not you wind up right back at the place you started.

     And like a long distance trail ride, get a good mare for the trip. Some of them fillies are full blooded but got no bottom in’em. Some are hot bloods and don’t have the temperament to hang in there for the long haul over rough ground and head back to the feedlot. So get a mustang, mixed blood, but with the loyalty and staying power for the ride that life presents.

     ‘Never ride the canyon alone,’ this old cowboy learned that trick years ago. So I ride with my best bud, the only one I can depend on in a real pinch. She’s sort of runty, and sure ain’t got no pedigree, but she is always there to ride through all life’s troubles. When I put it down for the night I never have to wonder where she is.

     And I’ll match her heart pound for pound with the strongest old momma lion I ever met. And who can resist her long hair, big brown eyes and winning smile?

~ Copyrighted © 2002 David L. Griffith ~

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