Painting by Mike Mahon

Back Door Rendezvous

My memory keeps playing those tricks on me old gal... Visions of shadowy moments of love... That special look we always shared, passions only meant for the two of us. I'd ride that red pony to town, and tie up to your back door. There was that special touch, the caresses that said more than words.

Those were the days of trust that is shared unconditionally between two souls, stolen love, stolen moments. Moments of love that only the mind's eye can now fully capture. But as I think back to those wonderful times a feeling of warmth and of total contentment creeps over me.

Memories of promises made, then broken, and too often now it seems only the pain is left inside. Only the fading memories of a backdoor rendezvous.....

~ by Dave Griffith ~

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Copyrighted © David L. Griffith

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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