The Dread Of Night
(First Christmas Without You)

     Forever dreaming dreams, always imposing upon what comes tomorrow, wasting what is here. Sleep closes my eyes; dreams come to me at midnight, my subconscious plays out my past life with you. Busy as I try to be, I don't notice you are gone except for the deep ache in my heart.

     Time forever keeps all the memories I hold of our past love, lo the pain arises in the loneliness of the night. You have taken my heart when you moved away, but you can't take back time. My thoughts are like petals adrift in the wind, love, laughter, joy, all forever tumbling in time. Like lost souls. Are the good memories yours, or mine?

     What our life was, will never be for I am now growing old and forgetful. Who will dream for me, who will remember? Living seems to be very hard. No! Only to live without you for we were to be together always, love is still beautiful I can not let it go, it will not be abandoned. For my memories of our lives are castles in the sand, glittering in the sun on the beach of my dreams.

     Music plays softly from my radio as I toss in my empty bed, it is bringing back all the feelings of true love once again to all the hearts like mine left empty. My very soul sings the sad tunes and if there was no music I would never survive. What cold eyes those memories are that stare at me in the night. Will this nightmare end? Life is now reduced to just moments, thousands of little moments captured in my mind.

     Oh my Beloved, I reach out for you in the night, but all I catch is your scent in air as tears fall from my eyes on to my pillow. The night continues to creep by slowly now for loneliness is me....

~ 1998-2000-2010 Dave ~ PalletMaster ~


1998/2000/2010 Dave ~ The PalletMaster ‘

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."