Only in a Dream

      Last night as I tossed in my bed; grasping at my tear stained pillow, I had a dream. I dreamt that all the evil years had never been. I dreamt that with our love, life had just begun. All around were the beauty of flowers and the smell of fresh rain.

      After decades of my loneliness, the chains of emptiness were unbound and like the beginnings of spring, love had begun once again. The exuberant rain of joy had begun to join the jubilation of our hearts; love had finally returned home, but only in my dreams.

      Woven within those visions of valleys and brooks became manifestations of possibilities once again of the sweet fragrance of your companionship, peace and the soft melodic chimes of your laughter had been revived in my soul. The birds were singing once again, the fragrance would overwhelm my poet’s heart, but only in my dreams.

      My heart had begun to flutter as the visions of new love began to unfold in the night emancipating extreme joy! Last night in my dreams, the angels whispered in my ears, “The loneliness has come to an end; love has started to breathe again.” In my dreams, my journey home had just begun, but only in my dreams.

© 2005-2010 by David L. Griffith
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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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