Cool of the Evening

Summer has continued to march by in seemingly endless days, the heat, the winds, the lonely days… I was so very thankful for the gentle easing of the scorching sun over the far western horizon, darkness silently falling around this old porch.

Night time brings not only a relief from the heat, but a quieting in the soul, a time to reflect. These are the times when I come out on the old porch; the times when, though you are miles away, you are so alive in my mind. I listen to all the songs once ‘ours’… Throbbing flamencos, the beat of the Andalusian heart, the mournful cry of the gypsy…

As ten turns into twelve, which blends slowly into two in the morning; my mind is like a reflection pool… I remember your smell, the sounds of your laughter, and the joy in your eyes when we were together… The embraces, the feel of your demanding lips on mine... All now just reflections of what once was… All gone, now just part of the night…

As the dawn of another endless summer day starts to rise; as a tear slowly finds its way down this cowboy’s old weathered face I call in the dogs and return to the lonely life once again. But for this night I had you once again… for a night of reflection is all I have left of what was once the focus of my life…

~ © 2002 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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