Night Fantasies

     You say your fantasies often overcome you, as you sit there alone with your dreams. But know in your lonely heart that I too have fantasies and dreams deep in the empty night. You say your mind soars up over the mountains of your fears, all this lonely cowboy can offer is a fellow eagle to join you in that flight.

     For I too sit here alone in my empty world adrift in my loneliness, wishing someone was here by my side. I dream of the river's noisy rush, the waves beating on some far away beach, the laughter and love I could find in the eyes of another. Now the night winds are our only companions, but they can not carry us through to the empty days.

     For the days we spend alone assualt us with sorrow, as our thoughts turn inward and cry. We know our days are growing shorter, happiness is swiftly passing us by. So once again I ask you, no, beg you to summon all your courage and lift up your wings and fly here with me....

~ © 2001 David Griffith ~

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