A Tribute To All Who Served

You were there, and you were bloodied. Our world, outside the band of brothers who served, has never seen what we were fighting against and know what we were fighting for. The journalist, college students, and peace activists never realised the damage they were doing, or that all of them had freedoms because of what warriors, who paid the price, did to protect them. And you/we felt the defense of freedom, our domestic tranquility, and our way of life here in America was worthy of our fight. If you are a Veteran who served, all I can say is "Welcome Home" and "Semper Fi" you are worthy of our nation's support! After having been there, your world was never the same again!!

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Please continue to pray for our Country, our Veterans, our troops and our President. Please share this tribute with your friends who also might enjoy this page or other Patriotic Pages presented by the PalletMaster's Workshop.

The VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page

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