Country Roads

Let’s Just Hat Up and Go Home

          I remember mom’s barred rocks, the garden behind the shed, the taste of whole fresh milk and three and four generations sitting down at the holiday tables and giving thanks to God. The day my dog died and dad buried it while I stood by like a little man. Those were the days! There was no milk in a plastic jug; nope not even a pop-top can; nor any disposable families, and certainly no disposable cash…

          Boys we been here too long. Now we must live in a garbage dump, because everything is thrown away. Disposable razors, diapers and pets; some folks even throw away kids. No one believes in permanence; and who believes in the value of age? Grandma lives in the old-folks home, and kids have there own “lives” to live. All that a modern cook knows, is if it can’t be nuked in the microwave, or whipped up from a mix; don’t worry, because you just call the pizza place and they’ll bring it right to the house…

          Age has no real value, not even for a dog. Just ask any dog rescue how hard it is to place a dog over 6. Commitment is passé and “hooking up” is the latest college fad. Marriage certificates are only guaranteed for the night. So boys, lets just call in the dogs, put out the fire; hat up and head for the house cuz this here worlds done come to an end...

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
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