Photograph "Times Past" © 2001 Tom Lakey

You're Really Gone

     I got up this morning and looked around my empty world and for the first time realized you're really gone. You left me here wondering alone with only my thoughts, ...will you ever return?..will I ever fit into your life?..will you ever fit in mine? You became such a part of me that going on seems an impossible task.

     The pain of not knowing where to go from here is like a knife deep in my soul. When my emotions overwhelm me I pretend you're still here. But the empty chair, the vacant driveway, the empty bed, all serve to let me know that you are gone; but my heart just won't let you go... I play the blame game in my mind... Did I wait until it was too late? Too late to tell you of my love.... and then I start to cry.

     Yet I will live on, I will try to remember and carry you in my mind until the end of time. I will try to hold on to your memories with tears in my eyes tossing and turning in the middle of the night. Images of times long past will flash through my dreams, the haunting melody of cherished songs will echo... And though I love those memories dearly I know they, like your love for me, will never last.

~ © 2001 Dave Griffith ~

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