My Dearest Darling,

     If I am to grow old, I wish with all of my heart to do so gracefully as I walk along life's path with you. If I am to discover the true beauty of life, I pray that I will partake of this beauty with you by my side. If I am to travel a path of fulfilling my destiny in life, then I hope from the deepest, most inner part of my being, that the path I travel will always be wide enough for you to walk along beside me for I would not want to experience these joys without you.

     And if upon occasion, the path narrows slightly, and there is only room for one of us at a time... please know that I will follow you... trusting that you would never lead me where it wasn't safe... that you would never take me to places where I cannot grow... that while you lead, you would be incapable of doing anything that would deter me from what is right for me, or for us, and the love which we share.

     And, should I be the one to temporarily walk out in front along our path, please know that I will always be sensitive to your needs... I will always travel the paths of encouragement and enlightenment... I will never lead you into harm's way... and although I may be in front, I shall always hold my hand out to you, so that we are never far apart in our travels.

So darling come grow old along with me, for the best is yet to be..

~ 1998-2000-2010 Dave ~ PalletMaster ~



1998/2000/2010 Dave ~ The PalletMaster ‘

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."
"This page is written for you on the pallet of my heart!!!"