Just A Lonely Guitar

  Come to me by night my darling, and we will travel all the roads of human delights together. I no longer wish to talk about life and love; I wish to live it, now and forever! You have become the focus of all the desires of my heart, the paint with which I paint, and the love of my life!

There will never be enough time spent with you, when I die I will ask God to allow me one more hour with you! I will be the angel who comes to you in your sleep and whispers love words in your ears. I love you with all my heart, without you in my life I would be empty, and you are aware that but a short year ago I had reached the bottom of dispair, I would have never lasted out the cold lonely winds of January, my life was at it's bitter and lonely end.

I was angry at life, and I was ready for death. Now I am totally alive once again; I am truly speaking to you from my heart, you gave me new purpose, a goal, a focus. You turned on the lights in my dark life and brought my mind back to life. You made a challenge, and I have responded to your challenge! That challenge became first a focus, then a goal, then it flowered into love, and love has now grown to full bloom, now it will survive forever!

Every day I sit here on this old porch, spilling out my heart to you because you brought the music back into my soul! My heart was like a lonely discarded old guitar which has been idle in the closet for years, until a beautiful young lady comes along and picks it up and begins to strum the unused strings once more, now the music of amor' flows from my soul once again....

While I am that lonely guitar; you are the song, your's the gentle touch upon my ancient strings. It is in your caresses that my music finds the tune once more, and you now provide the melody for my life. Your words caressed my ears, and now I bask in the afterglow of my love with you; for I just made love to you and yet you are still many miles away. You ask how such a thing can be? Don't you know that now you are always in my heart and within my soul. Did you not feel my presence? I felt you; yes, even here in this empty room, here with me for the last evening of pleasant joy. That's very strange, a strange thing indead.... feeling someones' presence when you are all alone trapped away from the vibrant world around you by your loneliness.

My soul went out to you in our imaginary conversations within my dreams, I felt, smelled, and touched you with my mind.... the empty room was blocked off, you became the focus, you made my senses alive once again! The music, once dead, now flows throughout my soul once again.

Music For This Page is "Caballo Negro" by Manolo Sanlucar, and Manuel Munoz (Flamenco, for 2 guitars) (1943-), SPAIN

~ © 2000~2010 David L. Griffith ~

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"Once I realized my wishes were never coming true I traded them in for dreams."

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