"How to truly be happy in this old crazy world!"

1.  Pursue Achievable Goals

2.  Develop a genuine smile   

3. Share with Others 


 4. Help Thy Neighbors 

  5.  Maintain Youthful Spirit 

 6. Get Along with Everyone, even the Ugly 

7.   Keep Cool Under Pressure 

  8. . Lighten the Atmosphere with Humor  

 9. Cherish freedom 

   10. Have a Few Pals 

11. Cooperate and Reap Greater Rewards 

12. Be prepared to go with the flow .... 


 13. Have High Confidence in Yourself 

  14. Respect the Disadvantaged

15. Indulge Yourself Occasionally 

16. Surf the Net at Leisure 

 17. Take Calculated Risks 

18. Understand "Money Isn't Everything" 

19.  Remember that Love makes you beautiful


20. Always rest after exercising


21.  Be Practical, Get Even

22.  Take time off now and again

23.  Make a choice for yourself,
Winner or Weiner?

24.  Listen to the grievances of others ...

25.  Take every opportunity to be complimentary

26. Always stay in the line


27.  Help your friends with lunch


28.  Never eat too much honey

29.  Be sure to dress for the occasion

30. Remember to be nice to Santa

31.  Last but not least,

       Always keep smiling!

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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."