Heartaches For Dreams

     My darling if only my teardrops were dollars and my heartaches were dimes I'd have amassed more money than any bank could hold. I was not the one who stopped loving... And I'll never just stop trying. But for reasons I'll never know I woke up one morning all alone, afraid and crying for the love I cannot forget.

     If my sad sighs in the lonely night were roses and the groans of my soul were tulips no garden could hold all the flowers of my broken heart. Your love and companionship just came to an end, is that what life is all about? Yet when only one stops trying it seems so unfair, your leaving was so sudden and left me full of such terrible doubt.

     If only my teardrops would bring you back by morning and my heartaches would change your mind, I would never be lonely for you would be in my arms! So now I can never give up, nor ever give in to this pain. True love is worth fighting for. I only ask you to look deep into your heart, search your soul, you will find me within, someone who will love you forever!

~ © 2001~2010 Dave Griffith ~

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© 2001 Dave ~ Cowboy Night Writer

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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