Storm Clouds

The Hidden Truth Within

     It finally came rushing over him; the truth shown in her eyes as she left. Finally telling him things between them would never be the same. She had always been his dream, deep within the hidden parts of his mind, and he knew from the moment they met she was to be his one great love in life. But in the searing pain of this moment, as she closed the door the final time, he realized that she was on a different path, in a different world, with a very different destination.

     Old Cowboy finally knew within his soul the old saying, “absence making the heart grow fonder” is never true; for during this last year she seemed to grow further away with each passing day. Painful as it was, each day the fears came rushing in; he was losing her forever.

     But he had known the hidden truth from the beginning, from some strange place within, they would never share their lives together. She was unwilling to make the sacrifices of leaving her sheltered world back East and make their past dreams become a reality. And he could not bear to leave his Texas.

     With a final sob, as his heart was torn out, he sat back on the patio, looking up at the slowly darkening storm sky above, thinking to himself how thankful he was for that last visit. He was thankful for a merciful God; one whom had granted him the pleasure and the memories of seeing her that one last time. How fitting the coming storm.

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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