Red Sunset

Holding On

     As the sun settles over the western skyline, I sit here on my patio; just trying to hold on to what little your leaving has left me to hold. For without the memories, my life would be just an empty shell.

     The calendar has raced ahead, carefully keeping pace with the time running out of my old clock, but it seems both you and time have left me here behind holding on to the bits and pieces of what once was my dream. As tears stream down my once manly face, I find myself seeing you in everything around me; the fragrance of my flowers, the laughter of a passing couple; the soft sounds of my music and the very air I breathe…

     Theologians study the mystery of God; the historian looks at the grand scope of mankind, but I sit here limited in thought to the missing parts of my life you took with you when you went away. This old cowboy lacks the will to go on, you were my life, my reason for existence, and with your going I am seemingly doomed to this loop in time.

      The beauty of your face, the smoothness of your body, the smile of your eyes and fragrance of your hair consume me. I see you haunting me from everything around me, my sleep brings only dreams of you; there is no escape. I find myself on my knees before God, both thanking him for your having been here, and praying for your return someday to the place where I await just holding on.

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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