Arbuckle Holiday

     The road of life leads in never ending twist and turns through strange and exciting places! The beauty of the Arbuckle Mountains, geological pressure thrusting them up so unexpected from the Oklahoma plains below, are unique. Abounding in limestone springs which form Honey Creek; it contains the highest falls in the state.

     Hot summers never fail to bring the total focus of my memories of desire on that cooling oasis in a parched landscape, that magic pool below the falls… Could it be? The fountain of my youth…

     The cold clear waters washed over us as we embraced; hidden back in the darkness under the falls. No hot summer day here, any worries, nor pain or shed tears; for you are in my arms once more. For a brief moment, just a vacation in time, the memories came flooding back and it felt like nothing had ever gone wrong.

     If time were something you could capture and place in a bottle, this would be that special moment I would save. To forever hold the world at bay, never turning you loose, never watching you walk away. Savoring that moment in time, never again feeling the pains of loneliness, always keeping an Arbuckle holiday safely tucked away in my memory…

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
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