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It Once Was a Home

          I remember the flowers more than all the rest… The love and warmth seems only like a dream now as the old home falls away into times past. But once there was laughter living there…

           The time Harv came riding around the house to impress Viola; someone should have remembered the clothesline… The spill was such a sight! That old clothesline won that one fair-and-square, sweeping Harv off that mare and landing him in a heap at Viola’s feet.

          What a hoot when the girls stood on a crate and peeked in the window while Tom was being born… then screamed in horror when the old doctor circumcised him on mommas old treadle sewing machine. They screamed out that doc had made a sister out of their brother!

          Fourteen years later mom and dad came home to find Tom trying his dangest’ to pee over that old clothesline… Yes the laughter, and the years went by; seeming all too fast, but I remember the flowers best of all.

          It takes a lot of love to grow those flowers in far west Texas; but momma had that much and more to give… ten kids from the start of world war one and world war two, with only one being born in a hospital and only three with a doctor… Those days are long gone, but it still takes a lot of love to grow those dang flowers...

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
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