This Old House

     As the Cowboy stands looking back at the old homeplace, his memory goes back to another time when the kids were small and the big old house was full of love, and laughter rang out through the rooms.

     If the old house could talk, oh the stories it would tell, but it was silenced long ago. The children have all grown up and left and after mama died,there was no reason to stay. He sleeps under the stars now. Dreaming of another place and time. Longing for the old homeplace.

     The old house sat lonely on the hill for years, hoping that another family would soon come and there would be the sounds of small feet running through the halls and the sounds of laughter; once again the house would be alive.

     The old house weathered many a storm and so did the cowboy but time is beginning to take its toll; on both, and the cowboy finds himself being drawn back to the old homeplace more often now. Each lost in memories, because in the end, all that is left is just memories...... Precious Memories.

~ Copyright © 2003 – Glenda Nolan ~

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