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Paintings "Right Here In Texas" © 2004 by Martyca

In Texas
Written by David L. Griffith © 2001
Musical Score Norma Stephenson
Sung by Steve Lacey

The sun is scorching down the plains
Right here in Texas
The sagebrush rolls-n'-the cactus grows
Because it's Texas
The noonday heat makes y'all retreat
Not one escapes it
But Dear Lord it seems so cold in my heart

The cowboy laments of his lost love
Right here in Texas
Beneith those lonesome stars above
Right here in Texas
What went wrong? Now she's plum gone
She left me in the night
And Lord it seems so cold in my heart


But I have you Lord
And I just know Lord
You won't forsake me
And Lord I know that there will be another day
I'll find my own true love someday
Right here in Texas
And this cold, cold heart will melt away.
And this cold, cold heart will melt away.
Yes, Lord--Right here in Texas

Repeat Chorus

~ © 2004/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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