"The Booth"
     Casey's Hamburger Heaven was packed, friends shouting back and forth trying to be heard over the music, it was bedlam… But here in “our booth” it seemed so personal, the world was outside, we shared only the special glances with our eyes and the jukebox.

     Every afternoon when the bell rang we walked the three blocks down to Casey’s and sat here in our booth; it had been this way all our senior year. Each booth had a jukebox panel, ten cents a selection or 3 plays for a quarter and it was a communication system of its own. Music controlled our lives, set our moods, became our conversation medium and told our world where our hearts were.

     Like the complicated dance of two peafowl, it began with a boy getting the attention of a girl. Once there eyes met and locked, even for a brief moment, he would drop his coin in the jukebox and select a song with words he wished he could say to her…

     She would pretend not to be listening, but then, after locking glances once more, would drop in her coin and make an answering selection. It was a game that could be played for hours, as long as each had the change to feed that old jukebox.

     And finally when the songs turned slow and mushy, when the world was closed out, and then the evening became just the booth, the jukebox and you were lost in the 50’s……

© 2005/2010 David L. Griffith

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