"Taos Morning" painting by Mike Mahon

Just Being Me

Por favor me amigo,
I wondered what's up with that?
Can't you take my funny accent and fast talking style?
I'm an original.
Born and raised in some Island in the Orient.
Ate sushi and California rolls when I moved to L.A

Loaded up a pick up truck and moved to Texas,
I guess that's what got me started.
Por Favor mi amigo?
I'm a bit too new.
What ya'all are telling me is you don't like the way I drive.
But you all don't know.
I have a friend in some L.A. DMV,
Yep, they give the license at times for free

I know I can't be some government employee.
I work too hard and don't do shit for free.
I guess I cuss like a sailor,
But thats just all a show.
I'm a good hearted girl
who needs to grow.
I 'm not some cultured wanna be.
You got to take me for being me.

© 2002 by Zernalyn Palmares

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