How Can You Ever Know

     You never know; when you're sitting there and your pain is so intense; that someone might wish to share your dream with you. Or when something you say may open up the heart of a kindred spirit who also seeks with outstreatched heart towards the light that only love can bring. The way you live alone now may seem bitter and cold to you, continueing on may not matter at all, but you never know, it might be so much better with that special someone who heard your heart crying in the night.

     And just in case that someone is somewhere out there, someone with a better and brighter view, it could be God's way of offering a chance for a better life to you. So to this old cowboy it seems it might be worth a try, at trying just one more time; of course, it may not matter to anyone at all, but then again, it might.

~ © 2001 David Griffith ~ Cowboy Night Writer

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