Blacktailed Buck

The Last Hunt

          Cowboy had been standing under the lodge pole pine for the last 20 minutes; his eyes were on the old buck less than 60 yards away, but Cowboy’s thoughts were a life-time away. The old buck had spotted him the moment he had started up the mountain, but he and his lady were tired, the cold was bitter, the dogs and hunters in the lowlands had driven them for days…

          Some magical way this moment in time had brought these creatures together; the old man and the old deer were looking into each others souls. The weight of the Winchester was never as great as it was at this moment. The old buck somehow knew this hunter was different. All the spirit of that buck wanted, was to be left in his mountains, alone with his family; all the doe was thinking of was the coming spring fawn. And God had created this special moment for them both on a snow covered slope…

          Cowboy was back in time, all the killing, all the pain; the gun no longer carried the feelings it once held for him; a life time of hunting both animal and man, had finally reached its end. In that brief moment both Cowboy and the buck knew… Slowly Cowboy lowered the rifle, and reaching into his rucksack he withdrew his camera…

          The shot having been taken, the Cowboy turned and walked back down the mountain; a way of life had come to its logical end…

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

"This tale is spun for you by the cowboy night writer!!!"

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