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Lest We Forget The Human Toll On Day Three

I can not speak for anyone other than myself; as a tired poet, writer, veteran and a very proud American. But I can and will ask all of my fellow Americans to pray for our nation's leaders, servicemen, policemen, firemen and rescue workers. I also ask that you pray for the souls and families of those lost during this cowardly attack on not only our nation but on our way of life, our freedom and our faith.

Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani said today that there are at least 2,763 people missing in the Twin Towers. New York City fire officials said 350 firefighters were missing or dead. Two hundred sixty-six people died on the four hijacked jets, and officials estimated that about 200 had died at the Pentagon.

The scenes of attack the Pentagon, with one of its five sides in ruins, and the trade center, whose twin towers and two other buildings had fallen continued to smolder as firefighters and rescue teams hoping for miracles probed the debris in round-the-clock operations.

Tomorrow, Friday September 14, 2001, has been designated by the internet community as a "Flags Of Unity Day" in remembrance of those lives lost in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. The official death toll estiments stands this morning at over 3,576 and is growing hourly. I ask you, one and all, to fly your flag with pride and honor, attend your church or synagog this weekend, pray together, stand together and seek the resolve we will all need in the coming days of this war against terrorism.


David L. Griffith ~ The PalletMaster's Workshop