The Lies You Told My Heart

     You came into my lonely world, and as we lay there in the dark, you only told my heart what you thought it longed to hear. You used my vunerable empty life as your playground. You whispered such gentle sweet words, as you held me near, filling my soul with hope as we embraced, telling me you loved me as you touched my face.

     My desires for you rose so much higher, as your tender hands set my soul on fire. You gave me only your body, but I thought even more, but in reality it was all only a lie. I simply fell in love with you with all my heart. I swore I would do all the things that a man who loves you should.

     The words you whispered to me while here in my world, your words of 'our' new found love, were whispered in my now empty bed under the glow of scented candles. You made my emotions your toys, while soft music played from the radio on the dresser and engulfed my soul. Your success was total, you captured my heart. But then when it came time for you to leave, you tore it all apart. The promises once made in passion now ring hollow for, "I'll never leave you" became your loud slamming of that final door.

     Those words of love, "You are my soul's mate, my lover" became "you would never fit into my world." How could you say "I will love you forever" as you shattered my world? As I now look out on the empty street I know those were just the lies you told my heart.

~ © 2001~2010 David L Griffith ~

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