Photograph "Panhandle Sunrise" © 2000 Dave Cooper

Life Goes On

     Without you, the emptiness sweeps over my heart, my thoughts are like the blowing tumbleweeds adrift in the pasture below the barn. As I gazed up at the raw morning sun, I could feel the cold loneliness of the coming day, and the coldness in my soul just felt more intense for I knew I longed for you in vain. You left without even saying good bye, I just woke up this morning and the sound of silence told me I'm all alone...

     I feel like I'm an orphaned calf, lost alone on the prairie; and like the calf bawling in the wind, I called out your name, but you're nowhere near. I've wandered aimlessly along asking myself why, but the answers never seem to come. All my thoughts tell me is that once again I am alone... Without you... Without hope. "It wasn't meant to be", were the words you said as you passed out the door... And perhaps I already knew, deep in my mind, but it doesn't change the way I feel in my heart, for I'm still so in love with you.

     In the visions of my dreams I can see your presence before me in the night, though you're many miles away. I cannot find the strength to try anymore and I want to give up, but then my dreams of you give me the courage to try even harder. But the pain still burns on in my soul, reminding me you're not here in my arms... I can't seem to get beyond the pain within my heart, so I'm slowly falling apart.

     All I can do now that life has handed me this burden is just hang on, trying not to run away. I get down on my knees each night and as I pray... I thank God for being here, and I try to be greatful for each day... Life goes on without you... But, I can never let go...

~ Copyrighted © 2001 Dave Griffith

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