Life's Ebb Tide

Life Goes On Alone

     I wake each night and cry out, “How am I to survive?” Life surrounds me with beauty; peace seems just out of reach of my arms; I am alone and the pain of losing you never goes away. I have only my tears to wash my face nightly as I dream of what once was.

     The physical beauty of my gardens, the gentle love of my dogs, all have no meaning without someone in my life to share them with. But life goes on even when you are alone, and there is always hope that fate will someday either return you to me, or take me to you.

     Logic tells me that I should let go the life that has failed and find another, but my soul rejects the command of logic… For I trust in the wonders of a loving God who will work all things to my benefit. If I must live alone for a season then so be it, but I trust that He whom I love and trust will bring love back into my lonely life.

     So I walk alone, but God has placed me on this path, His love causes me to choose between hope or despair at the crossroads, and I will place my trust in Him and so I choose hope.

~ © 2002-2010 David L Griffith ~
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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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